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Día de Muertos con Mezcal

Actualizado: 11 mar 2023

The Mexican Talent Networking in the Netherlands in collaboration with the Vrij Paleis are pleased to invite you to this celebration!

El Día de Muertos, a Mexican tradition, aims to bring the memories of our dead back into life through works of art, installations, poems, performances, and contemporary rituals. A cultural and festive event for all ages and nationalities.

Death and rituals have always been subjects in the visual arts. Just as rituals shape transformation processes, fine arts, visual arts, conceptual art, are carriers of symbolic values that can help people experience the unseeable.

Works of art from Daniel Rakish, Alejandra Nettel, Pablo Ponce, Juan Tajes, Willem van Hest, Ron Blom will be exhibited.

Throughout the event, you can appreciate a traditional altar for the dead made by Damaris Bolio (Mexican artist and activist).

You are welcome to bring a photo of a beloved one to put in the altar.

Food is an element that cannot be missed in a Mexican celebration, so be prepared to try the ‘tamales’ of las Comalitas, las ‘empanadas’ de Socorro, and of course, our main guest will be present “The Mezcal”, the most symbolic Mexican drink in the world will bring you closer to other souls (present or elsewhere) by ABCMezcales.

Together, the Day of the Dead and the Mezcal made:

“El Día de Muertos con Mezcal”

Come dressed as Catrina or Catrín, bring your kids to dress up as well.

Last but not least, an incredible opportunity to admire from close a “XOLO”, the Mexican dog “Xoloitzcuintle” that is linked with the Mexican most ancestral traditions and especially with the day of the dead.

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