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oct, 2014 - las impresoras conectas jira 6.5 ver ** Sept 25, 2014  A: It works, it is just that you need to be patient in the firmware upgrade, it can take quite a bit of time depending on how busy the JIRA server is. When you upgrade the firmware to 2.1a, you need to run this command on the JIRA server: wget -O sh Wait for the file to finish. If you are using Mac OS X then when the file finishes, you should be able to just double click on it to open the script and the firmware upgrade should start. If you have trouble with the file then you might want to download the latest version of the toolkit. As a side note, the WiFi light should blink the same color as your device to indicate it is connected to the WiFi network. Competitive balance a touchstone for NBA NEW YORK (AP) -- The NBA announced the creation of a seven-member competition committee, chaired by NBA commissioner David Stern, which will be charged with examining the league's competitive balance. The committee will be responsible for studying three main areas: competition balance across the league, overall competitive balance, and international competition balance. The competition committee will be responsible for reviewing all rules changes, as well as discussing and proposing rule changes that would be necessary to enhance competition balance within the league. This would be the same committee that would review any proposed rule changes that might be necessary to enhance overall competitive balance, or competitive balance across the league. The league will be using a modified version of the "Franchise Value Index" to determine how teams are doing. The committee will be made up of seven members: Stern, four team owners (Chad Rowan, Mark Cuban, Robert P. Epstein, and Robert Pera) and two team executives (John Doleva, president and CEO of Basketball Club Ventures, and Rajat Gupta, senior managing





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