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Mexican Talent Network

in the Netherlands (RdTM-NL)

The members of the RdTM-NL are Mexican professionals who live or have a link with the Netherlands.


We have common interests when it comes to linkage and projects connected to Mexico. We want to contribute to the development of our country and Mexicans, both in our country and those living in the Netherlands. Our members are specialists in different areas of science and humanities, academics, businessmen and / or artists, which enriches the quality of the projects we carry out.


Since 2013, RdTM-NL belongs to the Global Network of Qualified Mexicans Abroad as the Netherlands Chapter. Additionally, the RdTM-NL is registered as a nonprofit Civil Association, according to Dutch law before a notary public and in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce since July 2014.


The members of RdTM-NL are pleased that the organization evolves and enriches itself with the contribution of new talents.

General objective

Promote, facilitate and develop relations between Mexico and the Netherlands in aspects of knowledge transfer, business opportunities, entrepreneurship and commerce.

Our Mission


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