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Focus Areas

Science, Technology and Innovation

Our main focus is to connect Mexican professionals working in The Netherlands in these areas, with those living/working in México and Europe with the aim to foster multilateral collaborations.


  • Emphasis on educative projects and scientific communication, leading towards different educational levels.

  • Prioritizing projects with a focus on children and youth, bachelor or masters students.

  • Prioritizing the education and scientific development in México for a broader audience.

Creative Industries

Identify, connect and spread the creative Mexican talent all throughout the world and its projects. The creative industries are the areas of knowledge where the capital and value is centred in creativity. It involves the fine arts (painting, sculptures, dance, theatre, music, literature, architecture) in every branch, interactions and interpretations (performance, urbanism, interiors, video dance, digital arts and sound art); such as the media or distribution channels and promote their content (art, photography, design, publicity, cinema, video, television, radio, recording, podcasts). was launched by us, which is a directory of the virtual community of Mexican artists in the world. This initiative is under the charge of the Coordination of Creative Industries from the Barcelona Chapter, in collaboration with Nodo Zacatecas, Chapter Spain and the Cluster of Creative Industries of the Europe Region of the Global Network Mx.


In the private and public sectors of Mexico, we promote and accelerate business opportunities and knowledge transferences between The Netherlands and Mexico.


In the Entrepreneurship area, our goal is to create and identify needs using different methods to transform ideas, creating different value proposals and validation processes in order to get the most valuable solutions to be catered as projects that finally are executed through the creation of a company that offers products or provides commercial services highly profitable, using the mentoring and experience of the members of the Network.  

Social Responsibility

Creating impact in the life of people or Mexican communities. Empowering vulnerable groups (women/kids), protecting the environment and fighting against poverty.


  • The pillar of Social Responsibility of the MX Global Network seeks to create mechanisms through our capacities for the solution of problems, through 3 concrete dimensions: social, environmental and economic.

  • The benefit of communities with the ones we relate is highly linked to our capacity of innovation and of relating effectively with our groups of interest in Mexico and the rest of the world, such as governments, enterprises, universities, Mexican and foreigners associations, as well as the members of the Network through the world.

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