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Time to help Acapulco (OTIS hurricane)

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Hurricane Otis devastates Acapulco

What happened?

As many of you know on October 25th, Acapulco (Mexico's west coast) faced the fury of hurricane Otis, a category 5 hurricane which surprised every forecasting expert and, most important, the citizens which lived the horrifying experience and were left with nothing.

The hurricane caused extensive damage to the main infrastructure, widespread flooding, injuries and many human casualties. Thousands had to evacuate, with emergency services stretched to their limits.

Acapulco is now focused on recovery and rebuilding efforts, with local and international support playing a crucial role in the city's revival.

Like many times before, during natural disaster times (such as in the 2017 earthquake), our association is coordinating efforts and launching this donation campaign to be able to contribute from the distance to those who need aid in this difficult time.

How can YOU help?

Contributing to this campaign you can help those affected by hurricane Otis. Your donations will be equally divided between the following 2 organisations which are providing essential necessities directly to those affected:

The total amount of donations will be eligible to be duplicated. Donate and share so we can gather many funds to reach those in urgent need.

or via our Tikkie (only in NL)

For donations outside of The Netherlands - we are currently setting up a campaign, however, you can also make direct deposit to our account. Contact us to to get our IBAN details (for security purposes we don't put it here openly).

How can we duplicate the donations?

Members of our association will provide donations via 'Donation Matching' programs which will help duplicate the given funds in order to have a bigger impact. Are you employed by an international corporation or would like to donate so your donation is matched, you can register your company at the NGO to duplicate your donations directly at their website.

What are the next actions to contribute to?

While we are launching this donation campaign, we are also organising some events and cooperations with other groups who want to contribute to raise funds for Acapulco. Stay tuned on our social media and website, we'll communicate the next steps and coming soon events to contribute to the cause. Action: If you want to organise an action or fund raiser connected to this campaign, reach out to us, we'll be more than glad to help and spread the word.

Do you want to contribute more actively?

Contact us to and we'll be more than glad to add you to the Acapulco aid working group (you don't need to be a member of our association to be part of it).

What else can we do?

Donate via other groups and organisations and keep yourself informed of the recent developments in Acapulco. Every donation and effort counts to help people who are going trough a tough time.

These are some of the articles and media groups to keep yourself informed:

Thank you in advance for your donation and help!

All united for Acapulco!

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