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Lupita's Art Auction - Let's eradicate violence!

Updated: Apr 16


The Lupita’s project and the Mexican Talent Network in The Netherlands invite you to the art auction of wonderful handmade ceramic dolls made by designer Gabriela Bustamante, creator of the Lupitas project.

By participating in the online auction, you will help fundraising to support Ayuda y Solidaridad, an organization that is providing care to girls facing risks in Mexico.

Dates: From April 11th until April 21st

Did you miss our Kick-off session? Watch the kick off session here:

What is the auction about?

We will be auctioning a unique selection of Lupita Dolls from Proyecto Lupitas (, handmade ceramic dolls representing protest banners, each telling the story of women facing challenging circumstances.

Together, we can create positive change. Together we can create more conscience to end violence in Mexico... and the world!


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